Green Dentistry

Welcome Back

Hello and welcome after a super long break. The reason being, I have been working on a huge project for the past couple of years - I have designed, supervised and opened my own dental business πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ , where everything is done my way, and I provide healthcare to my patients exactly how I would like to care about myself and my family - the best of the best !

Welcome after a long break 😁❀️ Justyna, Dental Hygienist & Therapist

Green Dentistry

I have been eco friendly and environmentally aware all my life; hence one of the measures I introduced at the clinic is πŸ’šGreen DentistryπŸ’š

You would be surprised how much waste and pollution is generated by a single dental surgery. Conventional X-ray films need first to be manufactured, then wrapped in a lead foil which is disposed straight after the use by the practitioner; the film is developed and a strong chemicals are used in this process, they go down the waste-pipe readily picked up by the plants and transfer into our food system. Plastic cups are used for mouth rinse, cellophane barriers as a cross infection measures, tons of paper are used to line the instrument trays, print invoices as well as treatment quotes. Toothbrushes, interdental brushes are all plastic and contribute to waste.

Plastic interdental brushes contribute to waste and pollution

By going green, I am doing my bit to reduce waste and pollution

What do I do as a clinician?

I have introduced new products and technologies in my everyday life as a clinician to reduce waste and pollution and serve my patients better.

As a healthcare provider I feel I have a responsibility and a role to play in tackling the climate change, which not only contributes to changes in temperatures but has an impact on human health.

We use recycled, biodegradable cups for our mouth rinse

I have decided to practice dentistry more sustainably

Digital X-rays: Myself and the dentist in the clinic use digital X-rays - it helps to reduce radiation, the doses are at least six times lower than conventional X-rays; I do not use harmful chemicals such as developer and fixer.

Sterilise not dispose: I sterilise more instead of disposing in a dedicated decontamination and sterilisation room

Recycling: I recycle all our domestic waste at the clinic - all the common rooms have recycling bins. I also use 100% recycled paper for writing and printing

Energy efficient: my dental chair lights are more energy efficient LED; I have installed eco hot air hand dryers in the toilets to reduce paper waste

Go Digital: my clinic is fully digital and I go paperless where possible

Green wherever possible: I use biodegradable cups instead of plastic cups for mouth rinse and to serve my clients hot drinks; I recommend use of bamboo interdental brushes as opposed to single use plastic ones. I have also introduced use of biodegradable eco-friendly and non-tested on animals hand soap.


The measures I am undertaking as a clinician help to reduce my carbon footprint whilst staying compliant with strict decontamination and cross infection protocols. I feel very proud and would love to welcome you as a dental hygienist at the eco-friendly Dental Beautique πŸ™πŸΌ